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A woman’s private room; the place where she can be her most authentic self; her safe-haven from the world that tells her who to be, and how to look, and what to do.  Boudoir Photography is about showing the world the woman that exists in that space.  Boudoir Photography shows each and every woman their truest selves: with all guards down, where strength and sensuality meet, and where unfettered beauty and authenticity is allowed to shine.   

Each woman that comes through my studio gets to truly feel their own beauty, and see it through the photos I take.  Each Boudoir session is a gift that keeps on giving; my clients can see photos of themselves when their guards are down, and when they felt comfortable enough to shine as the goddesses they are.

It’s my goal to help promote body positivity and self-love within women.  Honestly, there isn’t enough of it in the world, and if I can help bring about a change that builds self-confidence in women, I’ll have done my job.  Whether you want to Boudoir for yourself, as a gift for someone else, or for whatever reason in between, it’s my job to show you how beautiful you are and help you see that for yourself. 

Let’s take this journey together 

<3 Lyssa