What to Expect

Sean’s Photography Style

If I had to to describe my photo style in one phrase, it would be “Artistic Photojournalism”. My goal with every wedding and portrait session take a photojournalist approach, focusing on capturing real moments and emotions while putting a creative edge on the photographs. I see every client and wedding uniquely and take the extra step to match my photos with the personality of each individual couple. As your photographer for any Colorado wedding or other event, I pride myself with providing you the quality service you deserve in a fun and professional manner.

Artistic Photojournalism

Looking for someone to capture the real, candid moments of your wedding? I’m an expert at providing breath-taking, artistic photos while taking a photojournalist’s approach. With experience shooting for The Coloradoan and The Orange County Register, I use my photojournalism techniques to capture the important moments of your day, both candid and posed, without being obtrusive.

Infrared Photography

If you are looking for ultimate artistry – look no further. Being one of the few photographers in the country to offer this unique style of wedding photography, I use a special, dedicated camera that only captures the infrared spectrum of light, resulting in surreal and beautiful photographs. Infrared wedding photography is something I’ve master and provide at no additional cost in all of your wedding and engagement packages. In 2015, an Infrared camera-conversion company gave me the honor of being considered one of the greatest wedding infrared photographers in the country.

We Have Fun!

No seriously, we have A LOT of fun. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and not only is it important that you’re enjoying the big day, but I want to as well! In fact, some of the best photos I’ve ever taken have been during times where we’re both laughing and being silly. I want to be as emotionally invested in the photography as you are in your big day, and to me that means enjoying your special day as much as you are.

No Detail Too Small

You’ve worked countless hours creating your dream wedding, and I know that. All the details from your special day that you have crafted, from the cake to the table decorations, I’ll recapture with my photos so you and your family will never forget the details, the big and the small.  

Romantic Portraits

This special, intimate alone time with the bride and groom is one of every couple’s favorite parts of their day for photographs. Usually taking place shortly before or after the ceremony, this is time set aside to get creative for romantic portraits. If you’re unsure on how to pose or the location to take photos at, don’t worry, I will help scout a location and give you tips on how to make you look your best.

Matching Your Personality

Everyone has their own personalities, that is part of what makes everyone so special. I enjoy showing couples’ unique characteristics through my photographs to create real memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t be afraid to be yourself in front of the camera; all you need to do is let me capture what makes you and your fiance awesome!

Unique Lighting

One of the most important elements of photography is the ability to manipulate light; it sets the mood for dramatic effect. Employing a variety of techniques, I use light to my advantage to get creative and provide you with stunning images. Having your wedding in a dimly lit church? No problem! I’m prepared for low-light situations by employing the use of full-frame cameras and ultra-fast lenses.

Relaxed Portraits

From the posed family portraits to your romantic shots, all photos are taken in a relaxed, stress-free environment. There’s nothing worse than looking back on your shots and thinking to yourself “that moment didn’t feel real because it was overly posed”. To avoid this, I let you be YOU and capture the real moments in a relaxed, fun setting.

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