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Hi, we’re Sean and Lyssa! Together, we make up Lara Photography and have a passion for capturing beautiful wedding moments. We are full-time wedding and portrait photographers and can’t think of a more amazing career and are so lucky to share it with such awesome clients and couples!



My photo journey began as a child when I was gifted my first camera at the age of ten. Even at a young age, I was passionate about taking photos and was tasked with being the “family photographer” on all of our vacations. In 2009, I dove into the photo industry and became a photographer for one of the largest newspapers in the country, and shortly after transitioned into capturing weddings. For the first three years of my career I shot for a successful associate company in Southern California and learned from some the most seasoned pros in the biz. Using the knowledge and skills I learned from this experience, I started my own studio combining story-telling with creativity which lead to my signature style.

I love capturing images that convey emotion, incorporate scenery and have vibrant, bold colors. One of my greatest pleasures in life is spending time outdoors and amongst nature, and as a result I love incorporating scenery into my photographs. You’ll notice that many of the shots in our portfolio show off landscapes, beautiful sunsets, architecture, and other scenes – this wasn’t by accident. I feel it’s important to show off the surroundings during a photo session to provide context and tell a story. My photojournalism roots are always prompting me to keep a keen eye out for details, so capturing those once in a lifetime moments are incredibly important to me.



I’m Lyssa (pronounced “Lisa”) and I started my photo journey in high school. I’d spend hours in the dark room trying to create a perfect print, and not stopping until I had succeeded. This background in film photography has given me a different take on wedding photography all together, by learning the basics without the help of editing software and perfecting images straight off the camera. Since high school, I’ve been actively collecting and using film cameras, all of which we still have today (and most of them still work).

My favorite part about photographing a wedding day is seeing a scene and elevating it to the extraordinary. I love using off-camera flash for this very reason. Using off-camera flash, I can decide what part of a room to highlight or what the focal point should be. This gives me a huge advantage as a photographer because I can (quite literally) take photos in any lighting situation. While my style is very similar to Sean’s in that I love vibrant colors and emotion, I differ slightly in the sense that I favor towards dramatically lit images that pull my clients out of a dark background. I also love what photographers call “high contrast” images, with the darkest blacks and the lightest whites to create a richly exposed image. That style is something that comes from my days pulling negatives in a dark room and I’ve brought that style to my particular brand of wedding photography.  

Together, we run our photo studio primarily focusing on weddings and all types of portraiture. When it comes to a wedding, we capture the day as candidly as possible and have fun while doing so. We set ourselves apart by offering infrared images, creative use of off-camera light and an immense attention to detail, and you can read more about our style here. Our main areas of coverage are in Colorado and its surrounding states, but we enjoy photographing weddings all over the country and the world as we regularly shoot destination weddings and embark on adventure sessions with our clients. 


If you’re ready to take the next step and join us in this photography adventure, let’s get in touch and learn a little more about each other!




We’re going to (humbly) brag for a second. Our style of photography has received so much attention across the world that a large photography company, MagMod, recently featured us in a video. In this short film below, we share some insight on how we get creative on our photoshoots. This unique approach you see here is one we take on every shoot so you’ll have stunning photographs.




When we’re off the clock, you can find us:

•Fly Fishing
•Spoiling the crap out of our dogs
•Going on off-road adventures with our Wrangler Rubicon or Supercharged 4Runner
•Camping, hiking and outdoor adventuring
•Drinking craft beer at one of our many breweries in Fort Collins
•Playing World of Warcraft: Classic
•Working on our cars
•Listening to (and DJing) Melodic Trance and Electronic Dance Music