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Infrared Wedding Photography

Infrared Wedding Photography

Why Infrared Photography?

Infrared wedding photography is something offered exclusively from Sean Lara Photography and is included in all wedding and engagement packages. Sean Lara is one of the only infrared wedding photographers in the country. By using a customized SLR camera that only captures the infrared spectrum of light, the results are beautiful and surreal black and white photographs. Other wedding photographers have tried to replicate the effects of infrared photography through filters, effects and Photoshop/editing, but it does not compare to the quality brought by Sean Lara Photography. By using Sean Lara as your photographer for your wedding or engagement session, your photos will be unique and set yourself apart from everyone else. For the application of photography with people, infrared images are best taken in areas with a high amount of sunlight and green foliage.

What’s the Difference?

At first glance infrared photographs may appear to be similar to traditional black and white photographs, however they are actually quite different. Because these specially modified cameras only capture the infrared spectrum of light, objects that absorb light (such as trees and grass) are modified in tonality, resulting in a much more dramatic and surreal photograph. The photo below shows a side by side comparison of an infrared photo to a traditional black and white shot.

Infrared Wedding Photographer





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