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What To Expect


This is your wedding, your big day, your special time. I don’t fabricate moments or force fake emotions – I’m a storyteller. Capturing real, candid moments is my priority and putting creative twists on the photos makes them pieces of fine art you can hang on your wall, display on your coffee table, or show off to family and friends. Being a photojournalist at heart, I strive to make all images feel natural, relaxed and not over-edited while creating keepsakes that are colorful, fun and unique. Because everyone is different, I see every client uniquely and try to cater each photoshoot to match your personality in the best way possible. I love mountains, nature and architecture and try to incorporate as many of these elements in every wedding and portrait session I can.

Not only do I place a strong emphasis on delivering amazing pieces of art, but I strive to create the most fun and most professional experience possible. You deserve the best, and I’m not satisfied until I deliver the best. When myself, Lyssa or one of our associates shows up to your wedding, we have a game plan. We know when it’s appropriate to take a step back and photograph moments as they happen, but also know when we need to step in and take control of a situation. We’re there when you want us to be and unobtrusive when we need to be. With hundreds of weddings captured, you can trust us to always get the shot.



Today’s camera technology is fascinating and with a little bit of practice, anyone can take a good photo. “Uncle Bob” can come to your wedding with his camera and probably capture a couple of really great shots. What “Uncle Bob” can’t do however is coordinate large groups of family for a well composed photo, know how to properly pose a bride and groom, understand what moments to look for, or how to take incredibly creative images while sticking to a strict timeline. What sets me apart is the 300+ weddings I’ve captured since 2010 and thousands of hours on other photo assignments. I know what moments to look for and when they’re going to happen so you can be assured that when it comes to capturing your special day, you can actually enjoy it and not have to worry about your photographer. I bring a large variety of photography gear not only to be prepared for different situations, but in the event that my gear fails – I’m always prepared with backup equipment. Myself and my photographers are fully insured to cover equipment, incidentals and to meet venue requirements.

Our images are fun, creative and stand-out from that “cookie-cutter” style you see everywhere else. I use advanced lighting techniques to create drama and romance, employ the use of infrared photography to create an amazing piece of art, capture all of the details you’ve worked on for months that tie the wedding together and help pose you, your family and friends to look their best.

An example of our infrared photography. Captured at Brookside Gardens using a specialized, converted infrared camera.

An example of using advanced lighting techniques to help capture a dramatic image.

We’re great at posing small and large groups to help everyone look their best.



It’s incredibly flattering when others recognize the passion I’ve put into my art over the years, and ask to publish my photos. These are some of the many publications that featured my photos from weddings and engagement sessions:



We specialize in Wedding, Engagement and Portraiture photography. We also provide all sorts of event coverage, lifestyle photography and product photography. Our home base is in Fort Collins traveling all throughout the state of Colorado and surrounding regions. In addition, we regularly photograph weddings in California and other destination locations around the world. There’s no where we won’t go.



With every photo session, printing and sharing rights are included. You can have me make some beautiful framed prints or albums for you, or you have the option of doing it yourself. All the final photos from the day of the session are uploaded into an online gallery for you to share with family and friends. They’re organized by event for easy viewing and navigation. You can download all the photos at once to your computer, or you can download them individually if a guest just wants to pick out the select few. In addition, you have the option to buy prints directly from the gallery which will be sent to your door. Here are some live examples of what those galleries may look like: View Event Galleries Here.


We try to customize everyone’s photography packages as best as we can and be flexible when possible. Please send an inquiry to receive a custom quote.



After your wedding, engagement or portrait session is over, we have a large variety of albums and prints available to decorate your home, or gift to family and friends.


Like what you see? Let’s get in touch to see how I can capture your memories!