Solarium International Hostel Wedding

Solarium International Hostel Wedding

Solarium International Hostel Wedding – Fort Collins

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Solarium International Hostel

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Solarium International Hostel Wedding

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The Solarium International Hostel is one of the more unique wedding venues in Fort Collins, Colorado. It’s gone through many stages in its life, starting out as a private residence for a successful multi-millionaire photographer in the 70’s, then becoming a public atrium, later turning into a hostile, and finally transitioning into a wedding and event venue. The hostel is very intimate and beautiful, and the best part is that it’s secluded. I have rode on the Spring Creek trail bike path many times which runs alongside it and have never noticed this huge, beautiful outdoor venue in the middle of the city. The hostel has small, but colorful rooms, a big outdoor backyard to be used as a ceremony site and a creek that runs through the property. The most notable and interesting feature of the venue however, is its arboretum. Even in the middle of winter, this huge indoor arboretum houses huge trees and other tropical plants that are very obviously not native to Colorado. The temperature is consistently kept in the high 70’s, and the humidity is high. It could be snowing outside and the indoor area would still feel like a tropical paradise!

Ross and Erica couldn’t have picked a better venue to fit their personalities and style. When I first met with them at my showroom, I knew we would be a perfect fit to work together because our personalities got along so well (it may have also helped that Ross and I both drive Subaru WRX’s). We started the day capturing Erica’s details – her dress, her shoes, her rings and jewelry. Erica and Ross spent hours preparing for their big day and set up all of their decorations and table settings themselves. They really enjoyed “earthy” decorations with a rustic feel, incorporating a variety of crystals and reclaimed wood pieces and furniture to help decorate the lawn. They used reclaimed glass doors to write down the table designations for their guests and constructed home-made signs out of a variety of materials.

The ceremony took place outside on the lawn, which harbored enormous willow trees in the background. Ross and Erica had a huge bridal party of 22 (and 2 dogs) so it was quite the challenge to fit everyone in, but they successfully managed! Afterwards, we took photos of the bridal party and family, and then walked all throughout the venue capturing photos of Erica and Ross alone. The arboretum was a fantastic place to capture infrared photos, which Erica and Ross fell in love with after seeing them.

The cocktail hour and photo booth was set up in the arboretum, and the reception was outside. All of the dining tables were uniquely decorated and positioned around the dance floor, which was a simple, wood floor. A live band kicked off the dancing, and carried the party throughout the night. Anyone considering having a Solarium International Hostel Wedding should definitely say Yes!

Solarium Hostel Wedding

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