Tapestry House Weddings - A Collection of Wedding Photos
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Tapestry House Wedding


The Tapestry House is Fort Collins’ most popular wedding venue and arguably one of the best. If you’ve lived in Northern Colorado for a while, chances are you know someone that’s tied the knot here, and for good reason! Tapestry House weddings are gorgeous – events here always go without a hitch and there are so many elements that lend themselves to amazing photos. We’ve been capturing photos here since 2013 and to this day have photographed over 40 weddings at the venue, so you could say we’re seasoned pros and quite familiar with the place. Even though the venue is like our second home, we’re always finding new ways to get creative with our photography and provide an exceptional experience to our clients.

Here are are some of our favorite photos we’ve captured over the years at the Wedgewood Tapestry House, as well as photos we’ve captured in nearby locations on the wedding day.


Colorado on its own is a beautiful state to get married in, and Fort Collins is no exception to that. The Tapestry House is technically in Laporte, but is easily accessible to Fort Collins and is its bordering town making it a prime location for a wedding venue. We like to refer to the Wedgewood staff at the venue as a “well-oiled machine” because weddings here almost always go without issues. The staff is incredibly organized, friendly and are problem solvers. It’s one of the few venues in the area in fact where weddings are consistently organized and trouble-free which makes it easy for us to focus on getting awesome photos.




Tapestry House Wedding LaporteWhile every wedding is unique, the Tapestry House typically follows the same schedule event-to-event to make sure they go smoothly. The day starts out with the Bride and Groom arriving on-site an hour and a half before ceremony time. During this time, we like to capture photos of the dress, shoes, jewelry and other wedding details as well as taking some last-minute “preparation” photos of the bridesmaids and groomsmen hanging out and enjoying the day with each other. Once everyone is dressed, we’ll take the bridesmaids and groomsmen out for bridal party photos (either together or separately) and then get ready for the ceremony. Typically an hour and a half is not a lot of time for preparation photos, so if it’s available for your date, we highly recommend adding on an extra hour on the front-end of the day with the venue. This enables us to capture more photos and managing our time better allowing for a more relaxed and less-rushed cocktail hour.


Tapestry House Wedding CeremonyCeremonies at the Tapestry House take place at the outdoor gazebo, but in case of less than desirable weather, an indoor option is also available. When capturing the ceremony, we like to be as unobtrusive as possible in order to allow everyone enjoy the moment and forget that we’re even there. One way we stay discreet is by using telephoto lenses to stay at a reasonable distance, capture candid moments and get creative. For the processional, the bride will come out of the double doors in the front of the house which always is a stunning moment, especially for the groom when he sees his soon-to-be wife for the first time. Upon the conclusion of the ceremony, the newly-weds will walk back up the stairs into the house, sign their marriage license while enjoying a glass of champagne, and then head out onto the front balcony to capture a huge group photo with all of their guests, which has been a Tapestry House tradition for years.


Tapestry House Wedding PhotosAfter the ceremony is when we jump into cocktail hour, and during this time is when we’ll capture our family and bridal-party photos. We always recommend to our couples to put together a posed family portrait list to make this process go much quicker and as relaxed as possible. After the family photos are complete, this is a great opportunity for us to walk around the property with the new couple and capture some romantic shots between the two of them. As photographers, this is our favorite time of the day because it allows us to get creative and capture some intimate photos of the newly-weds. It’s also an amazing time for them as well to finally spend a moment alone with each other and revel in their new marriage.


Once cocktail hour and photos are done, everyone will head into the reception pavilion. Tapestry House Weddings The pavilion is large enough to accommodate around 150 guests (using the inside and outside tented portions) and has a decent-sized dance floor. This is where the rest of the evening’s festivities will take place including the first dances, cake cutting, toasts, bouquet/garter toss and any other fun reception activities.  In addition, the Tapestry House has a bonfire pit outside for guests to relax at (this is super fun when you add on a smores bar!) and ample spots outside if you want to get away and de-compress for a bit. At some point during the evening, we like to pull our couples out for 10 minutes to take some additional night-time photos, which our clients absolutely love! After all of the formal events are finished and the night is done, another Tapestry House tradition is the brick-laying ceremony. Every couple since the venue has opened has laid a brick somewhere on the property which is always a fun tradition and the staff invites every couple to come back on their anniversary to “visit” their brick.


If you’re thinking of hosting your wedding at this awesome venue, visit the Wedgewood Weddings website to learn more and get in contact with their staff and get info about the Tapestry House pricing. You can also visit their website directly here: https://www.tapestryhouse.com/ When you’re ready to book your photographer, send us a message and we’ll talk about how we can capture your special moments and help contribute to your amazing experience.


If you need a wedding photographer to capture your special memories, we would be honored to be a part of your big day. As full-time professional photographers our number one priority is taking stunning photos of you and your family to help preserve the moments of your wedding adventures for years to come. We are based in Fort Collins and in addition to capturing weddings at the Tapestry House, we travel all throughout the state and around the world. We’d love to invite you to visit our portfolio, and learn a little about our style.