McC Ranch Wedding – Loveland

McC Ranch Wedding – Loveland

McC Ranch Wedding

McC Ranch is another one of those underrated hidden venues in Northern Colorado that has some great photo opportunities. I had a great chat with the owner before the wedding about the history of the ranch, and how its transitioned from a still-in-operation cattle farm to a unique and affordable wedding venue. The ranch sits in the hills near Masonville and has a lot of great props to shoot with including a barn, hay bushels, water fountain, red rock hills and an old GMC truck from the 1940’s.

For this McC Ranch Wedding, I had the pleasure of capturing Devin and Daniel’s special moments. As with all the weddings I photograph, I was there from start to finish getting all of their details and spending the day with them as I retold their story.

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Loveland wedding

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MCC Ranch Wedding


Fun back story on this wedding. I was in Orange County one week photographing an engagement session and a wedding, when I got a call from the mother of the bride telling me that Devon and Daniel were getting married at McC Ranch. After chatting with her on the phone some, I mentioned I’d love to have the opportunity to meet with them and talk about their wedding plans. She mentioned that unfortunately they weren’t in Colorado, so we’d only be able to chat on the phone. So out of curiosity I asked where they were from. Turns out, they were living in San Clemente at the time, which was only 10 miles from where I was staying in California – talk about convenient! Because of this, I was able to meet with them the very week I was out in there and everything fell into place smoothly!


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If you’re getting married at McC or anywhere in Colorado for that matter, I’d love the opportunity to be a part of your special day! I’m a Fort Collins Photographer specializing in artistic photojournalism and capturing real moments. Please feel free to check out my portfolio, and when you’re done, send me an inquiry to see if I’m available for your wedding date.

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