Midnight Ranch Wedding – Clark, Colorado

Midnight Ranch Wedding – Clark, Colorado

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If you’re into beautiful scenery, the outdoors and being remote, then Midnight Ranch outside of Steamboat Springs is probably one of the better places to host your outdoor wedding. Lindsay and Brandon are both very passionate about the outdoors, and with Brandon being a wildlife biologist, it only made sense to host their celebration outside on a Ranch.

The best part about this Midnight Ranch Wedding was how quiet and “away from it all” it was – you have to travel north of Steamboat Springs about 30 miles, then take a secluded dirt road through some of the tallest aspen trees you will ever see, and you may even have to drive through a herd of sheep (we did at least). Eventually you’ll get to the Ranch which is sits on a lake filled with fish and has gorgeous views of Hahn’s Peak in the background.

Our day started out walking around capturing some of the details that make the venue so unique, the private lake, the beautiful mountains, the large barn and the old ranch-style homes. Then it was off to taking photos of Lindsay’s details, her shoes, dress, rings and flowers. We also grabbed photos of Brandon getting ready and their adorable dog, Rhino.

The ceremony location is located on the highest point of Midnight Ranch that overlooks the lake and has a clear view of Hahn’s Peak. Lindsay’s dad brought the family’s old Chevy pickup and drove her up to the ceremony site, which was very cool! Naturally, Rhino was the ring-bearer.

The reception was held in a large tent by the lake. All of the table decorations were set up by Lindsay, Brandon and the wedding party and they stood true to the outdoor, ranch theme. To finish the night, they celebrated with fireworks.


Midnight Ranch Wedding Photography

Midnight Ranch Wedding Photography



Midnight Ranch Wedding


Midnight Ranch Wedding







Midnight Ranch Wedding


Steamboat Springs Wedding Photographer

If you’re getting married at Midnight Ranch or looking for a Steamboat Springs Wedding Photographer, I would absolutely love to be your wedding photographer! With my candid, artistic photojournalism style, I have a passion for creating beautiful images and retelling the story of your wedding day in a way no one else can capture.

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