Nikon Z9 Review for Wedding Photographers

Nikon Z9 Review for Wedding Photographers

Nikon recently announced their new flagship mirrorless camera, the Z9, and it would appear that this is finally bringing them back into the game. And that game, of course, is the world of mirrorless cameras, which is slowly dominating the market and replacing DSLRs. Even at the hefty price tag of $5496.95, it’s actually quite a value compared to previous Nikon flagship cameras as well as the Canon and Sony equivalents (the R3 and A1, respectively). So it’s no surprise that Nikon has been struggling to keep up with demand for a camera that seems to be quite fantastic.  When they announced it, I decided to pull the trigger myself and immediately got my NPS priority request sent in. (For those interested, I purchased mine from Adorama at this link, and shipping was extremely quick.)

I’ve been closely following the Z9 enthusiast groups and from what I’ve gathered, not a ton of full-time wedding photographers such as myself have ordered this camera. I’m hoping that with this review I can be one of the first to help my fellow wedding and portrait photographers by shining some light on this new full-frame body. So the big question amongst us wedding photographers that we’ve all been wondering is:

Is the Nikon Z9 a good camera for wedding photographers?


And this is yet to be answered. As of writing this post, I haven’t been able to fully test the camera, but with 40+ weddings on the books for 2022, there will be plenty of opportunities and I intend on putting all of my thoughts here. Now one disclaimer I want to share with you all is this: I’m not a hardcore camera geek. I don’t know every tiny specification of the camera and I probably couldn’t tell you everything that it’s capable of doing., but what I can tell you is if it works. I switched over to Nikon mirrorless back in 2019 and while I’ve been very happy so far, it’s no surprise that the autofocus performance, particularly in low-light, has been a bit of a disappointment (You can read more about my Z6ii and Z7ii experience here). Once I have the opportunity to put the Z9 through its paces more, I will report back here with more detailed information. 


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