Denver Indian Wedding

Denver Indian Wedding

Denver Indian Wedding Photography

Indian weddings are always a blast! The colors, the culture, the hospitality; it’s all a good time! Vijay and Krupali had their Denver Indian Wedding at the Shirdi Sai Temple of the Rockies, but first they had me photograph their Mehndi ceremony. This ceremony takes place the day before, or sometime shortly before the main ceremony to apply henna and tumeric paste on the bride. Mehndi symbolizes the strength of the union between the soon-to-be-married couple. It’s believed that the deeper the color of a bride’s Mehndi, the happier and more prosperous her marriage will be. Depending on the family and culture, this part of the wedding ceremony is to help increase the bond between women in the family, however Vijay was included as well.

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On day two, we headed to the Shirdi Sai temple to begin the main wedding ceremony. As every Indian-based wedding, it was colorful and beautiful.

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