Mishawaka Wedding

Mishawaka Wedding

Mishawaka Wedding

Did you know that the Mishawaka up the Poudre Canyon in Fort Collins is now hosting weddings? Neither did I until I found out through this lovely couple David and Dana! The Mishawaka has always been known to be a great place to get outside of town a little bit and either enjoy live music or eat dinner by the Poudre River, and now, get married.

I drove up the canyon to photograph this small wedding for David and Dana. I captured some of her moments preparing for the big moment and getting the final touches added to her dress. The ceremony took place right in front of the river and the setting was absolutely beautiful with plenty of seating for all of the guests. Afterwards, we headed down to the river to capture a few candid moments of the bride and groom together. This Mishawaka Wedding was so memorable and I can’t wait to revisit the venue again!







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