Granby Ranch Wedding

Granby Ranch Wedding

Granby Ranch Wedding

There is a magnificent place in the mountains north of Winter Park, and south of Estes Park known as Granby. This beautiful area is home to amazing adventures including horseback riding, fishing, hiking, skiing, mountain biking, sightseeing and of course, weddings. One of the most popular places for couples to tie the knot in this area is at Granby Ranch. Granby Ranch Weddings are very special – beautiful views of the mountains and intimate and private ceremony sites without the feel of a big, over-populated resort.

For their wedding, Mick and Ashley got married at the top of the ski lift at one of Granby’s ceremony sites. When you see it you’ll agree that it has one of the most beautiful natural views in all of Colorado. The mountains and the landscape of evergreens seem endless which serves as the perfect backdrop as the bride and groom shared their vows.

At the start of the day, Ashley and her girls got ready in the tent at the top of the chairlift. The first thing I noticed, which was hard to miss, was the pink the dress hanging in tent – and boy it was pink! After getting lots of photos of the dress and all the prep shots, I moved on to Mick and the guys to capture some before shots of them as well. After the preparation shots, we moved on to the ceremony. As I mentioned earlier, the ceremony site overlooks a beautiful landscape of evergreens, but one of the most unique aspects of the site was the path to it. To get there, you have to walk through a forest of aspen trees which is stunning and made for some amazing photos later on.

After the ceremony, I captured some photos of the family and the bridal party, then moved on to a romantic session with Ashley and Mick. After a ride down the ski lift, they finished out their evening with a casual reception in the ski lodge. This was one Granby Ranch Wedding to remember!

If you’re looking to have your wedding moments captured anywhere in Colorado, please fill out an inquiry form on the Contact Page, I’d love to get in touch and talk about your big day!

Granby Ranch Wedding




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