Mary’s Lake Lodge Wedding

Mary’s Lake Lodge Wedding

Mary’s Lake Lodge Wedding

When you think of Colorado, images come to mind of mountains, pine trees and breathtaking scenery. Mary’s Lake Lodge in Estes Park fits this expectation perfectly and combines everything that makes Colorado unique into one beautiful wedding venue.

Lauren and Taylor decided Mary’s Lake Lodge was exactly what they were looking for in a wedding venue, and in early August they traveled to Estes Park to tie the knot. I met Lauren first in her bridal suite, and set about capturing all of the details she’d been putting together for months to make her wedding vision come true. From her dress, to her shoes, to the jewelry, flowers and rings, her dream wedding began to take shape. After she put on her dress, Lauren read a  very intimate and heart-felt letter from Taylor expressing how excited he was to start their new life together. It was amazing to be present in that moment and capture it for her forever.

Afterwards, I popped over to the guys to see how they were doing. As expected, they were sitting on the sofa, drinking beer and waiting until the last minute to get ready, haha!

The location for the ceremony sat above the lodge and overlooked the entire valley of Estes Park. The views here are phenomenal anytime of year, but on this particular day, there seemed to be something magical in the air! After a very special ceremony with family and friends, we took photos of the family, and then I pulled the bride and groom aside to capture some romantic shots alone. The surrounding foliage and nature scenes made for a great backdrop to work with.

The reception hall had a very special touch – a rustic, mountain feel with many homemade decorations made out of pine trees and other unique props, that tied this Colorado wedding together beautifully. This was one Mary’s Lake Lodge Wedding to remember!

Estes Park Wedding Photographer

Estes Park wedding photography

Lake Mary Wedding

Mary's Lake Lodge Wedding 2

Mary's Lake Lodge Wedding

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Estes Park Wedding Photographer

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