Haily & Justin – Black Canyon Inn Fall Wedding

Haily & Justin – Black Canyon Inn Fall Wedding

When I’m asked when my favorite time of year to take photos is, the answer is almost always Fall. This time of year the weather is mild, the elk are rutting and the leaves are changing colors. It truly is a magical time to watch mother nature as she prepares for the winter season. I suspect it’s because of these reasons Haily & Justin chose October 1st to host their small wedding at the Black Canyon Inn in Estes Park. This venue is one of my favorites to capture weddings at because of the diversity of scenery and its stunning mountain views. For their celebration Haily & Justin held their ceremony at the Pavilion and their reception at the Homestead which is just a few steps away.

When I approach a wedding, my goal is to capture it as candidly as possible in what I call a “photojournalism style”. This allows me to capture the moments as they unfold which stays true to my passion for authentic storytelling. This is incredibly important because I want my clients’ images to feel natural so our brides and grooms can remember their day as it happened. And it just so happened that Haily & Justin’s day was filled with love, emotion, and some great moments which made for some amazing images that they’ll cherish forever. In addition to the photojournalism when it comes to the artistic portraits, I try to get as creative as possible while maintaining that same, authentic vibe. This means a minimum of over-the-top editing and getting the images as perfect straight off the camera. That main photo you’re seeing of the sunset with Haily & Justin – it actually looked like that. The sunset and scenery was astonishing that evening!

Please enjoy these photos from this bride and groom’s big day!


Estes Park, CO

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