Danielle & Will – Rocky Mountain National Park Sunrise Elopement

Danielle & Will – Rocky Mountain National Park Sunrise Elopement
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When we suggest to couples that we go on a 5am hike in the mountains for photos, it’s usually greeted with a response that suggests we may be a bit crazy. However, after witnessing the beautiful colors and solidarity of the peaks in Rocky Mountain National Park you’ll understand why we get up so early. The scenery is spectacular and the way the sun hits the earth is something that can only be witnessed at sunrise. The photo opportunities are unique and it’s something we encourage everyone to consider. Not only is the lighting perfect, the amount of foot-traffic from other visitors is almost non-existent which provides privacy.

Danielle and Will road-tripped it all the way out from Wisconsin to elope here in Colorado. After presenting them with a few options on a location to tie the knot, they took us up on our suggestion to do a hike to a secluded lake in the Park where they would share their vows. They exchanged rings and special heartfelt words to each other on a spot we picked out overlooking the lake as the sun rose. Before hiking back down the mountain they shared a drink with some custom mugs they had made to celebrate their marriage. Afterwards, we scaled back down the mountain and I took them to a few other of my favorite locations for scenic photographs to end their adventure.




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Whether you’re deciding to get married at an established venue or hike to the top of a mountain for an intimate wedding celebration, there are so many amazing places to tie the knot in Estes Park. We’re an experienced husband-wife team of Estes Park Wedding Photographers that love to capture environmental portraits, real moments and helping create memories. If you’re ready to begin your amazing photo journey in Colorado, send us a message!



If a lower elevation is more your vibe, the nearby city of Fort Collins has some beautiful scenery as well. We’re extremely familiar with the area and would love to take you to some locations for your wedding, engagement session or elopement. Visit our main site for more info! Fort Collins Wedding Photographers


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