Armstrong Hotel Wedding Fort Collins

Armstrong Hotel Wedding Fort Collins

I’ve passed by the Armstrong Hotel many times but until recently I never had the opportunity to take photos here. Fortunately I had the chance to shoot a unique wedding and experience the hotel first-hand. It was a great experience and the hotel is such a classic venue to have a Fort Collins Wedding! I was introduced to this couple by Chris Gentile Photography, a local photographer based here in Fort Collins, so I need to thank Chris for passing on this wedding to me and allowing me to shoot it for him.

Dave and Ambre wanted a very small, 1930’s themed wedding so naturally that yielded a lot of black and white photographs and other film wedding photography inspired shots. The Armstrong Hotel in Fort Collins and Ace Gillett’s restaurant were the perfect venues to host their wedding, as they both exhibit a very classic vibe. The hotel was built in 1923 is actually the last remaining historic hotel in Fort Collins – very neat!

If you’re lucky, you may be greeted by Oreo the cat in the Lobby like I was!

Armstrong Hotel Wedding Photography



Fort Collins Wedding Photographer

The wedding reception was held in a private room at Ace Gillett’s Restaurant for their close family and friends.

armstrong hotel wedding photography

armstrong hotel wedding 2

Downtown Fort Collins is a very unique place to host any sort of wedding event. If you’re fortunate enough to host your wedding in this town, please call me and I’ll help plan your perfect wedding!

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