Taharaa Mountain Lodge Wedding – Estes Park

Taharaa Mountain Lodge Wedding – Estes Park

Wow, what a truly amazing, beautiful venue! I was so excited to finally get the opportunity to shoot a wedding at Taharaa, there are photo ops around every corner. I got to go on my adventure with Adam and Veronica as we spent the day capturing all of their important moments, details and emotions throughout the venue and Estes Park.

Taharaa Mountain Lodge Wedding

The day started out taking photos of Veronica’s important details: the dress, shoes, rings, jewelery, etc, then grabbing preparation shots getting the hair and makeup done. I then popped over with Adam and his guys to get some of the same shots with them.

taharaa album

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Veronica and Adam really wanted to do a first look before the ceremony, so I picked out a nice area out front and helped capture their special moment with some creative photographs.

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For this Taharaa Mountain Lodge Wedding, Adam and Veronica decided they wanted to get married at the outside ceremony site in the gazebo. Even though it was the middle of Summer, we had some nice cloud cover which made it comfortable and not too hot. The clouds also helped give me some soft lighting, which is a photographer’s best friend!

Taharaa Mountain Lodge Wedding

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After the ceremony we walked around and took some romantic portraits of the two of them, and headed up to Lily Lake just up the road to get the remainder of their posed wedding photos. When we got back to the venue, we were presented with a beautiful rainbow across the valley and some elk right in the front yard of the lodge. Talk about some fantastic photo opportunities!

taharaa album8

Taharaa Mountain Lodge Wedding

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The ceremony lasted throughout the night in the reception hall, where everyone had a great time dancing, eating some spectacular food (no really, it was freakin’ awesome!) and getting reacquainted with old family and friends.

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Taharaa Mountain Ldoge Wedding

Taharaa Wedding

I had such a blast shooting at Taharaa and if you’re planning on having your wedding here I would absolutely love to be your photographer! My style is focused on capturing real moments and emotions with a photojournalist approach, while putting creative twists on the photographs giving you a product no one else can offer.

If you’re interested in using me as your photographer, please contact me here.

Also check out Taharaa’s website at www.Taharaa.com. If you’re thinking of booking your wedding here, contact Metta Tracy or Terisa Thomas!

Estes Park Wedding Photographer

If you’re having your wedding anywhere in Estes Park, I’d love to be a part of your special day. Please feel free to check out my Estes Park Wedding Portfolio.


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