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Introducing: Lara Photography

Introducing: Lara Photography

Friends, family, vendors, clients – We have an exciting announcement to make! For the past ten years we’ve been on an amazing adventure growing “Sean Lara Photography” to where it is today. We’ve shot over 400 weddings, traveled from coast to coast and have made so many friends along the way. We love being photographers and have no intentions of slowing down. In fact, we’ve grown so much that over the past couple of years Lyssa has stepped up and become a massive part of our studio both on the business and creative side. Because she’s become so involved, we want our company name to reflect that. As a result, we’re dropping the “Sean”, and renaming our business to “Lara Photography“. 

So what does this change mean? Well, we’ve made some small workflow tweaks with how we operate our day to day as well as re-worked our wedding collections but other than that, not much is changing! Our website and social media links will stay the same, our style of photography will remain unique and the immense attention we give to our clients will always be there. 

Thank you for all of your support and we look forward to another ten amazing years! 

Photo by Jesse La Plante

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