2018 Wedgewood Tapestry House Weddings

2018 Wedgewood Tapestry House Weddings

If you live in or near the Fort Collins area, there’s a very good chance you know someone that’s had a Tapestry House Wedding, and for good reason. The venue is absolutely gorgeous and there are photo ops everywhere, it’s like they designed this venue with photographers in mind when they put it together. The Ranch itself has been around since the early 1900’s, but the main building was constructed in the early 2000’s and was shortly turned into a wedding venue afterwards. As of 2015, the property has been managed by Wedgewood and the staff operates it like a very well-oiled machine. The team is incredibly helpful throughout the whole planning process and are always prepared for any weather or situation that may be presented to keep their weddings on track. We’ve shot dozens and dozens of weddings here over the years and it’s because of their staff and planning that every wedding we’ve photographed has gone without a hiccup. We’ve been fortunate to maintain a good relationship with the crew and as a result we absolutely love it every time we return to the Tapestry House to photograph a wedding. We’ve even gone back to shoot family photography sessions here!

Our 2018 photography season came and went with no shortage of weddings and quite a few of those were captured at this gorgeous venue. Here are some of our favorite shots that we captured this year at the Tapestry House.

See more Tapestry House Wedding Photos that we’ve shot over the years!

Tapestry House Weddings


tapestry House Wedding

tapestry House Wedding tapestry House Wedding tapestry House Wedding


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If you’re getting married at the Tapestry House or any of Northern Colorado’s beautiful venues, we would love to be a part of your day! We specialize in capturing weddings with an artistic, photojournalism style using off-camera lighting and unique techniques to create dramatic, vibrant shots. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us!


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